Newbie Couponing 101: How do I start couponing at CVS-Part 2

Hey there fellow savers (or future savers) 👋

First things first, welcome to Liz Loves to Coupon! I appreciate you stopping by and listening to my tips on how to begin your couponing journey at my #1 favorite drugstore! If you do not already follow me on Instagram I would definitely recommend it because I post newbie friendly deals on there through the week! Follow me here💕

Disclaimer: Please remember I am just one of many who coupon so on this blog I’m sharing what I have learned to make the best out of being a couponer, some of the mistakes I have made (&still do at times), and honestly just ALL things couponing! I am always learning new things on this awesome journey week by week. I advise you to take a little bit from all the people you follow/watch who share their couponing knowledge & deals because we all have something to bring to the table that will feel just “right” for your couponing journey 😊

Alrighty, now on to Part 2 of this newbie coupon at CVS series! If you haven’t read part 1 than you can do that here 👍

If you’re here then I’m going to assume you are either ready to start couponing at CVS or you have already started. How exciting! It is absolutely mind blowing how much money we can save at CVS. Never in my life (pre-couponing) did I go into CVS unless it was the only store around because let’s be honest…it’s pretty pricey 😬 Well, as a couponer, we never pay full price and I’m going to teach you a bit more about saving at CVS so definitely stick around!

What in the world is a CRT?

One of the magical things CVS gives us every Sunday is store coupons! These coupons are what will make your savings go from good to AH-MAZING 🙌 These store coupons are what you will hear couponers call “CRTs” & they differ per account. CVS will start sending you these coupons as you start shopping there consistently. On average, I believe most accounts will start to see personalized store coupons after about 3 weeks. Of course, this will vary so don’t quote me on this 😅

Let’s go over a couple of different types of CRTs that accounts will get and how you will use them to help save yourself tons of money!

Example using dollar amount CRTs WITH manufacture coupons (digital and/or paper):

Deal: Buy 2 of any Revlon get $7 ecb

Example deal using an amount off CRT + $3 paper coupons (either printable or insert coupons)

Wow, isn’t that amazing!? Paying just $0.58 when the total was $17.58 before any coupons 🤩 This is when those CVS store coupons (CRTs) really make a difference. With the $3 Revlon eye coupons on their own this deal isn’t as good. Add in that CRT and BAM 💥 you score almost free makeup! This is why I absolutely love couponing at CVS!

I’m going to go over one more CRT that you will see often in your CVS account.

Threshold CRTs: How do we use them?

Example using a threshold CRT with a manufacture coupon:

Oh my goodness …was that a lot to take in?? 😅 As much as I try to simplify CVS couponing I realize it will sound complicated for a beginner no matter how you break it down. Like I’ve mentioned before, couponing takes patience, it requires an open mind to learn HOW to do it properly which takes TIME!

Please please do not give up on your couponing journey before it has even really begun. I know I’ve had my moments in the past when I was about ready to throw in the towel. None of my transactions were going right, coupons weren’t coming off at the register, people in line would get very impatient, cashiers would be rude and unhelpful at times. IT HAPPENS to all of us!

Alrighty friends..I’m leaving this here just as it is for part 2 of our learning to coupon at CVS series! I truly appreciate you taking the time to read what I have to share and my biggest hope is you have been able to take at least ONE thing from this post today. Until next time…See ya later! 👋

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