Newbie Couponing 101: How do I start couponing at CVS? Part 1

Hey there fellow savers (or future savers) 👋 First things first, welcome to Liz Loves to Coupon! I appreciate you stopping by and listening to my tips on how to begin your couponing journey at my #1 favorite drugstore! If you do not already follow me on Instagram I would definitely recommend it because I post newbie friendly deals on there through the week! Follow me here 💕

Please remember I am just one of many who coupon so on this blog I’m sharing what I have learned to make the best out of being a couponer, some of the mistakes I have made (&still do at times), and honestly just ALL things couponing! I advise you to take a little bit from all the people you follow/watch who share their couponing knowledge & deals because we all have something to bring to the table that will feel just “right” for your couponing journey 😊

Okie dokie, enough rambling, let’s get into it! 🎉

Couponing can be so intimidating. Trust me, I completely understand! In the beginning it feels like you’re back in high school learning a whole new subject and the big exam is the actual in store transaction 😳 When I tell you I was sweating bullets my first ever couponing trip 😅 but we all get through and only get better from then on! Don’t worry! I’m here for you and I will give you as many tips as I can think of to make your first “exam” go smoothly for ya! 😜

The prep work:

  • Download the free CVS app on your smartphone and/or iPad/tablet
  • Create a free account with the store using the app or CVS website
  • This step is very important if you will be shopping at CVS doing weekly deals: sign up for the CVS CarePass! It is $5 per month but it gives you a $10 ExtraCare buck each month (so you already are taking $5 off your next purchase!)
  • Get yourself familiar with the app features: where to find digital coupons & the weekly ad previews
  • Get yourself a little notepad for deal breakdowns or if you prefer all digital-create a google doc for your breakdowns *totally a personal preference/neither one is better than the other*
  • Get ready to save some money & have fun!
Read more about the CarePass here

How do I start creating deals?

Well, one thing to do before putting your deals together is have an idea of some items you would like to pick up that week as well as taking a look through the ad preview for the week to see if there are any good deals for product on your list. Never go into the store without a plan. I promise you it will not go the way you had imagined. Saving money takes persistence and patience. But just like anything great it is worth the extra time and effort in the end 😊

Okay, now I’m going to walk you through how to do an easy deal at CVS using digital coupons ONLY. This is just an EXAMPLE, but you can use the breakdown structure when creating a deal for future weeks. We want to learn HOW to coupon not just copy & paste deals we see other couponers doing. Okay, let’s go!

Example deal: Spend $30 and Earn $10 extracare bucks on select items (ExtraCare bucks=CVS store rewards)

This deal comes around very often at CVS

We are going to grab these 3 products:

  • (1) Tide liquid detergent 92oz -$11.94 each
  • (1) Tide pods (21ct) -$11.94 each
  • (1) Bounty paper towels 8=12 -$12.99 each

These 3 products will total $36.87 (before tax) so we meet the “spend $30” requirement for this deal. Okay, now to make sure we are getting the best deal we can on these items, we will be using the CVS app.

Send applicable digital coupons to your card using the CVS app *I will pop in pictures of what digital coupons look like ⬇️

  • $3 off Tide 92oz liquid detergent
  • $3 off Tide pods (21ct+)
  • $1 off Bounty paper towels

After the digital coupons come off at the register we will pay $29.87 + tax out of pocket. This is when that $5 CarePass really makes this deal AMAZING 🔥 We will ask the cashier to apply our $10 CarePass and then pay the remaining balance ($19.87 + tax) out of pocket.

We will earn a $10 ExtraCare buck that can be sent to our card to use on a future purchase. SCORE !

Let’s see what our FINAL cost comes out to (this includes CVS rewards AND cash out of pocket)! We’re going to do a bit of math so stay with me-I’ll break it down for ya!

Total after coupons was $29.87

We used $10 Carepass (this only COST us $5 *remember this*)

We handed over $19.87 cash/debit to cover the rest

We received $10 ExtraCare bucks for spending $30 on participating products

Here’s our math:

*tax cost never included in breakdowns*

29.87 (total) – 10 (ExtraCare buck earned) – 5 (the free $5 we received for having CarePass)

Final cost: $14.87 or $4.95 per item! 🤩

*drugstore couponing requires an initial INVESTMENT to build up your store rewards*

You did it! You did your very first couponing deal and now you have $10 in store money to use next week! Store money is what makes couponing at drug stores so amazing 🤩 You will eventually spend less cash out of pocket once you have built up your store rewards 🙌

You should feel so proud of yourself for saving money on product you can use in your home daily. This is why I personally got into couponing and now it has truly become my passion. Providing necessities for your family during a time when money is a bit scarce- that is what this journey is about for me. Anyone can do this. You will be spending the money either way! Why not save and be able to purchase MORE while spending LESS? I am so proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone to start couponing. You will not regret it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post today and I truly appreciate you all ❤️

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