How to sell your coupon stockpile: Tips to make $100+ in ONE day!

So, you wanna make some extra cash & maybe clear out a bit of your stockpile while you’re at it? I’m SO excited to share my personal experience, tips and how-to’s that will help you get started selling, too! 🙂 It is WAY easier than you probably think & you’re helping your customers along with you & your family, as well! Win, Win *yay*

Photo shows example of a bundle sold to a customer for $40 *price varies*

Don’t bundles look so pretty?! 😍 I literally could stare at my personal stockpile and product all day! Couponing is WORK & it takes our time and energy so it just feels good to SEE the product of that hard work! I know I’m not alone in this, but I also know product is being wasted if we try to get through it all ourselves (especially if you extreme coupon weekly). It’s AH-MAZING how much we can provide for ourselves and our family/friends with this couponing gig we got going for us. I know I LOVE that I can help my family by giving away personal care product and cleaning products that they would normally pay full price if buying in stores.

Aside from sharing, donating and our personal use of the product we have..let’s talk about making some money off of that hard work!! Continue reading for a list of what you need to start selling…

  • You need a phone/tablet/iPad anything that takes good photos & is connected to WiFi
  • A clean, well lit area of your home to put bundles together & photograph for your posts
  • A willingness to put in some time to put together bundles, chat with customers and make the sales

Alrighty, so now you have all you need to make some money! Yes, it is literally THAT simple to get started! Now, I’m sharing an example of what I post on FB Marketplace when I am looking to sell some product. There are SO many different ways to sell from your stockpile. Some people like to bundle up product that they have multiples of and post stating they have X amount of that specific bundle *i.e. an all Gain laundry bundle* I personally like to let my customers create their own personalized bundle based on their needs. Here’s an example of a post I have right now on FB Marketplace 🔻🔻 *note: please look through similar listings in your area to see what is typical pricing for where you are-it varies*

So…what happens now? You have posted on Facebook marketplace. You have your product ready to be sold. The next step is answering messages or comments from your listing. *Beware* you may get a TON of traffic to your listing OR you may only get one or two people. Don’t worry if you don’t get a bunch of customers from your first posting! Don’t give up! I was pretty surprised when I posted for the first time and received quite a few messages. It is super exciting! But *remember* not every message/comment will turn into a sale. I would say most do, but you’ll have some people who don’t follow thru. And that is okay! There are plenty of people who will buy from you & even become repeat customers (which is the best) 😊


  • Meet in a public place (store parking lot is always an easy option)
  • Wear a face mask 😷
  • Cash payment only (unless you know them personally or have become a trusted repeat customer)
  • Do not give out your home address

My Top 3 Tips for Selling:

  • Try to mix your more expensive cost items (ie laundry care, paper products, cleaning products) with your typical freebies/money makers (ie oral care, hair care, razors)
  • Sell your bundles how YOU want to! This is your product, you bought it, you worked for it. Do what feels right for you ❤️
  • Do not over price your product, but don’t ever sell yourself short. You are giving a great discount just by shaving off $1 from retail price + they don’t pay any tax! Check out what others are selling their product for so you have a good idea of the going rate in your area.

My final notes: always be honest, fair and helpful when you are selling from your stockpile. Treat others with kindness always. Enjoy your couponing journey & don’t coupon just to sell! I hope this helped you get a better idea of selling bundles/product to make some extra money 💕

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