Newbie Couponer Mistakes: #1 STOP chasing EVERY deal

Hello Friends! Welcome to Liz Loves to Coupon!

This past week I did a lot of reflection on how couponing has been a blessing in my life, but also some of the common mistakes most of us make as newbie couponers. How many times have you seen “RUNNN DEAL!” as a title on your favorite couponer’s YouTube video? I know I get excited to see those videos, too, so naturally we think as new couponers that we must RUN to the store to grab the deal if we see someone we look up to in the coupon community is telling us to go!

NOPE. You don’t have to run, you guys! Now, by all means, if the deal is something you’ve been wanting and it fits in your coupon budget- then definitely go get it. If it isn’t something you need because you already are stocked on the product or you have zero use for it then please do yourself a favor and stay home! I want to help you because I was chasing ALL the deals when I first started couponing. I was so excited just to be getting things for free, money makers, etc that I didn’t care if I literally had no use for the product. I am ashamed to admit I grabbed so many boxes of Good Thin crackers (the plain rice ones..UGH) just because they were free with Ibotta for awhile LOL

The excitement that comes with grabbing freebies is SO real ya’ll! I think every couponer can understand that feeling. We all love to save money. We all love those money makers. But we do not have to chase every deal if it serves no purpose for us. Leave it for someone who may need and/or love the product. Don’t waste your time. Don’t waste your coupons or money.

Alrighty, I am outta here for today! I do hope you enjoyed today’s blog post and it helps you do a quick second thought on the next “run deal” you come across 🙂

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