Super Savings Saturday Feb. 27th

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Hi, hello! So, just the same as every Saturday, the DG has blessed us with a digital coupon giving us $5.00 off of any $25.00 purchase.

There is also a 3-day clearance event starting February 26th through February 28th (Friday-Sunday) taking 50% off of already super discounted products throughout the store! It’s going to be a family affair for this event for me. I’ll be heading out to shop with my mom (fellow couponer/best friend) and my kiddos! I’ll admit, I’m a newbie when it comes to the Dollar General clearance events, but we all gotta start somewhere, right?!

Now, let’s start talking deals and getting some great household products on the cheap cheap. One of my all-time favorite products to pick up at the DG is toilet paper! We ALL need it and use it so why not SAVE whenever possible? My household loves the 12 pack of Scott and Cottonelle TP I bring home every time I shop at the Dollar General (my boyfriend loves the price, too) πŸ˜‰

Alrighty, enough chatting..which I think you all should know, is absolutely a norm for me so I won’t feel offended if you skip on down to the good stuff. (But I do hope you enjoy the extras I pop into the posts, too) πŸ™‚

Saturday February 27, 2021 $5 off $25

You’re gonna want to grab:

(2) Scott 12 pack roll toilet paper $5 each

(1) Cottonelle 12 pack roll toilet paper $5 each

(1) Snuggle liquid fabric softener OR in wash scent beads $4 each

(2) Crest Pro-Health toothpaste $3 each

Make sure the following digital coupons are clipped onto your DG app! (If you do not already have the Dollar General app- download it to your phone for free, add your phone number & information, start saving) πŸ™‚

*The phone number you use on the app is the one you will use in store at the register*

Digital Coupons Used:

  • $3 instant coupon when purchasing $15 worth of Viva, Scott, Cottonelle or Kleenex product
  • $1 digital coupon for the Cottonelle toilet paper
  • $1 digital coupon for the Scott toilet paper
  • $3 digital coupon for the Snuggle fabric softener
  • $4 off 2 digital coupon for the Crest Pro-Health
  • & of course your $5 off $25 digital coupon, too!

*Click through the slideshow to see what the clipped digital coupons will look like on your app*

Okie dokie friends, let’s talk numbers now!

Your total BEFORE coupons is going to be $25 on the dot *yass*

Your total AFTER coupons is going to be a whooping $9.00! *plus tax* YOU GUYS!

You are savings a total of $16.00 AND you are purchasing THREE 12 roll packs of toilet paper!

I truly hope this helps you to see how simple couponing can be at the Dollar General. As a quick side note– never be afraid to void out a transaction if the total just doesn’t look right *sometimes digital coupons don’t come off* even if you are nervous about upsetting the cashier. You are looking to MAXIMIZE your savings so don’t allow the fear of judgment ever stop you from walking away from a transaction that does not add up to what you calculated beforehand. When I first started to coupon I would allow my fear of “what will the cashier say or think” push me to grab product I could have bought for much less had I walked away & tried again! LEARN from your fellow couponers beginner mistakes so YOU don’t have to go through them, too!

Have a beautiful, blessed, money-saving weekend, my friends!

As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or leave a comment on this post letting me know you were able to do the deal (or any deals) this Saturday! Bye for now πŸ™‚

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