Saturday Savings at the DG!

Dollar General Saturday Savings $

Hi, Hello! Welcome to LizLovesToCoupon’s super savings corner!

Alrighty friends I am coming at you with a Dollar General $5 off $25 Saturday ONLY deal using digital coupons found on the DG app along with some paper coupons! I will also share a digital coupon ONLY deal for those of you who do not use paper coupons (I’ll share my fave coupon clipping websites below). If you have not yet tried out the Dollar General on a Saturday then you have found a good place to help you get started. 

The Dollar General was my very first couponing spot because I felt like it was pretty simple compared to the drugstores such as CVS or Walgreens (those are def more advanced)! I suggest anyone looking to start saving more money OR who are interested in learning how to coupon to receive ULTIMATE savings should begin at the DG with some $5 off $25 deals just to become familiar with how coupons work and to see how much you can save by just taking a bit more time to plan out your shopping hauls each week! 

Below I’ll be sharing some simple, anyone can do ‘em deals so make sure to check out the rest of the post to learn how YOU can do these deals, too 🙂 

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Happy Saturday shopping friends! 

Deal #1:

  • (1) 12 pack Cottonelle toilet paper $5.00
  • (2) 12 pack Scott toilet paper $5.00
  • (1) Playtex Sports Tampons $3.50
  • (1) Nivea lotion $4.15
  • (1) Arm & Hammer scent booster $3.00

Total: $25.65

Digital Coupons: $1/1 Cottonelle + $1/1 Scott + $2/1 Playtex + $2.50/1 Nivea + $1/1 Arm&Hammer

Instant Savings Coupons: $3/$15 (scott, cottonelle, kleenex or viva) + $5/$25 purchase coupon

Out Of Pocket Cost: $10.15 + TAX 

This is a GREAT paper products stock up deal! Saturdays are my favorite day of the week for paper product stock up. Dollar General gives us the $3.00 instant savings for purchasing $15.00 worth of certain paper products…how can you complain?! Okay, on to deal #2! 

Deal #2:

  • (2) 40oz Gain Liquid Detergent $6.95
  • (1) Nivea lotion $4.15
  • (1) Crest mouthwash $5.00
  • (1) Crest toothpaste $3.00

Total: $26.05

Digital Coupons: $2/2 Gain + $2.50/1 Nivea + $4/2 Crest

Instant Savings Coupons: $5/$25 purchase

Out Of Pocket Cost: $12.55 + TAX

In deal #2 you are getting yourself some laundry care to wash your clothes, some lotion to make your skin feel good and some good oral care to make your breath smell good! The out of pocket is a bit higher than I would like, but I do think this is an easy deal for a beginner couponing at the DG 🙂 

Remember: You can mix & match these deals however it fits your needs (and the coupons you have on your app)! I personally will be doing the paper deal because I love to add some TP in my bundles for my customers. I hope this helped you!

Happy Saving

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